Video Protocol

Video Protocol


Video is used to capture activity which may be of a paranormal nature during an investigation; to record investigational components or experiments; to capture specific phenomena or cause for purposes of validation.


Video Camera; Tapes, DVD, or Hard drive; Batteries or Electrical Power source, additional IR source – IR Extender.


  • Video cameras will be stationed in such a way as to capture as much of the location as possible.
  • If enough camera’s are available, cams may be utilized to record experiments or other equipment readings.
  • If there are enough cameras available one camera may be utilized as a hand held to be controlled by a single individual throughout the investigation to ensure consistency in the capture, the handheld unit will attempt to capture: In areas where stationary cameras are capturing the entire location; the handheld will focus on the investigation (investigators at work). In areas where stationary cameras are not capturing the entire location; the handheld will attempt cover these un-captured areas.
  • Priority of camera usage> Stationary Cameras to cover entire Location – main priority. Stationary Cameras covering experiments – priority 2. Handheld cameras – as cameras are available.

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