The K2 (K-II) Meter: The Myth The Reality

The K2 (K-II) Meter: The Myth The Reality

The K2 has quickly become somewhat of a celebrity as far as ghost hunting equipment goes. Why? As far as I am concerned it is because there are people out there who believe it is more important to make a name for themselves and make some money than it is to present facts.

Let’s start with what the K2 meter was originally intended for. The K2 was intended to be a simple, easy to use meter. It isn’t high-tech device like a laptop or smart phone. You can’t send messages or emails or surf the internet on it since it is just a normal EMF meter. It was built to provide instantaneous response to EMF fluctuations and spikes. In other words, its intended purpose was to help easily find any EMF that may cause various health issues in a human. It is a fairly cheaply made device which does not use a meter but instead uses an LED display to indicate that EMF has been detected. The meter is extremely sensitive and can pick up small EMF spikes which is not necessarily a good thing. It is also single axis which means in order to make a somewhat accurate reading it would have to be rotated to simulate all three axes that a tri-field meter (more expensive/accurate meter) reads (magnetic, electric and microwave fields). Some K2 meters come with an “on” button you must hold down or jam something into it to hold it down. Others are now including a toggle on off switch. Nothing extraordinary with the meter so far that would set it aside from other EMF meters.

As for the advertising I have seen about the K2 meter, it is here that the myth is often perpetuated. Described by some people and in ads as (I am summarizing here) “The only EMF meter that has been calibrated to detect the paranormal”. Well did they have a spirit/ghost help them calibrate the meter? So on demand they had a spirit/ghost show up and they told the ghost/spirit to emit an EMF so they could properly calibrate their instrument? A couple of things wrong with that 1- there is no “on demand” channel for ghosts/spirits so they don’t show up when you want them to and 2- ghost/spirits emitting an EMF field is still an unproven theory. Yet everyone involved with the K2 want us to believe the K2 was calibrated for the paranormal making it better to use on a paranormal investigation than the other dozen or so EMF meters out there.

Another well publicized often perpetuated myth is that the K2 is the only EMF meter around that provides you with a direct line to communicate with the dead. Wow this would certainly be worth the average asking price of $49.95 wouldn’t it? In fact that may be an absolute bargain for you to be able to communicate with the dead! And just imagine (and you know this is true – not!) that all ghost /spirits know that the K2 is the only EMF meter that they can respond to and if they see you with one it’s time to talk it up. Suddenly ghosts/spirits that we know very little about and never seem to show up or answer questions on queue are suddenly there yakking it up with us. Amazing! Shouldn’t this then be one of the greatest discoveries ever? Well it might be if it were all true. Let’s see why I am so skeptical about this.

It just so happens we were at an investigation several months ago. We broke into small groups to cover three nearby locations at once. After 45-60 minutes it was time to call the other groups to switch/rotate locations with the Cobra micro Talk walkie talkie/radios we had. At this time on the table in front of me about 3-4 feet away was a Cell Sensor EMF meter. The Cell Sensor is very similar to the K2. The Cell Sensor has a push button “on” button and both audible and visual (red light) indicators that indicate it has detected EMF. There is an external sensor which the meter uses to measure EMF that was attached when what I am about to explain happened. When I pushed the talk button on the Cobra radio the Cell Sensor audio and visual indicators went off. At the exact moment it happened I was unaware what I had just found out. Just so I wasn’t imagining things or detecting something else I tried using the Cobra radio to make the Cell Sensor react and what I found out was interesting. At certain angles at distances of several feet away I could get the Cells sensor’s audio and visual indicators to go off with the Cobra radio. Now the next test, could I easily fake communication with a ghost/spirit this way? The answer is yes. It takes a little practice but after the investigation upon arriving home I was able to simulate an EVP session with “paranormal” answers with my Cell Sensor and the Cobra Radio. Is this the exact way that the K2 is used to supposedly communicate with the dead?

I don’t pretend to know all the answers but what I experienced and experimented with could certainly be proof that all these communications with the K2 that we see on TV and YouTube etc. could be easily rigged so that it would appear as if questions were being answered from the other side. Going a step further you could also have a K2 get the answers from the other side and then just to prove a point at a public investigation you could ask for someone else to provide you with their K2 and make it also produce answers from the other side. Pretty convincing way to do things isn’t it.? Certainly makes the unsuspecting public want to go out and buy a K2 meter so they could communicate with the other side and you could use your endorsement money to buy a Bed & Breakfast or Inn and then use the K2 to help make it seem haunted so you could get additional visitors to pay you even more money. The last part is just conjecture on my part but it certainly makes you start to wonder if that is the case. Next time you see the K2 used as a communication device for talking to ghost/spirits stay aware of the surroundings (on TV and videos it’s hard to totally do that) and see where people have their hands etc. Also remember it does not have to be the people doing the supposed communication with the dead that are setting off something to light the lights on the K2 it could be someone several feet away using a device to do this. In short don’t always take everything you see for 100% truth.

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