Getting Started

Once you have decided to move forward with an investigation of a location – the best approach is to have a scientific logic based perspective of the scenario. Be as discrete and professional as possible when at the location of your investigation as the goal is to gather evidence not attract attention.

Common Ghost Detecting Equipment: digital cameras, digital recorders, camcorders, EMF meters, extra batteries etc.

We do not recommend the use Ouija boards or seances as tools in order to achieve results in investigations. The best approach is research-mined and common sense to guide the investigation process.


You should document (your and any witnesses) details related to the experiences you described previously as well as ask for any history that you can give regarding the location. Include any personal details that will allow others to assess the situation better (please be as open and forthright as possible).

Before starting, walk around the location to record baseline readings of all detection equipment and document this.

Investigation Process

Setup up video and audio equipment which will then be used to take pictures, record audio and video. This along with EMF meter measurements, temperature measurements and background/historical information are utilized to reach conclusions regarding the reported experiences at the locations under investigation.

Don’t rely solely on electronic equipment – grab your notebook and make details of anything to note at the location.

Following the investigation the data collected, review, analyze and discuss the data. If necessary, do additional research (e.g. library records, google, forums, etc.) to try and come to a logical intelligent conclusion.


An additional final step in some cases, go back to the location of the investigation and do a reveal to the requester of any information that was collected during the investigation. This is done on a investigation by investigation basis and takes in consideration the evidence found along with the ability to provide a timely response.

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