Temperature Readings Protocol

Temperature Readings Protocol


In a paranormal investigation, temperature readings are taken to discover whether changes in the ambient room temperature do or do not accompany paranormal phenomena.

This protocol is designed to ensure that temperature baseline readings and mid-investigation readings are taken in a consistent manner that will allow comparisons to be made between sites, phenomena and different dates.


A thermocouple thermometer. Spare batteries. Recording tools (usually paper and pen).


  • Temperature work will be conducted in each area/room during an investigation. Where more than one investigator is present, the investigator without a thermometer will record the readings.
  • Each room will be treated as a separate space if there are clear delineations (i.e. walls or doors) between one space and another, or as one continual space if these features are not present.
  • For the baseline readings: An investigator will walk the room/area. He will stop for at least 5 seconds along the walls, corners of the room and the middle of the room, holding the thermometer where it can be read and take a reading.
  • If more than one thermometer is available per team the readings should be verified by another investigator.
  • This will be repeated in each room to be investigated.
  • After the basline temperature is established, any distinct changes will be investigated.

During an investigation, temperature spot readings may be taken using the following method:

  • An investigator trained in the use of an thermometer will approach a location, stand still and allow the meter to settle. If the reading is higher or lower than the ambient room temperature, readings will be taken in the area to determine whether this is a localized variance.

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