Paranormal Investigation Equipment Information

Paranormal Investigation Equipment Information

EMF Meter
EMF meters detect electro-magnetic fields that sometimes can be associated with paranormal activity. Remember to always take into account all possible causes, natural or otherwise, before coming to any conclusions. Follow the links for additional information: EMF Meters., Cell Sensor,

Analog/Digital Voice recorder
A digital voice recorder is recommended. If using an analog recorder make sure to use and external mic.

Infrared Thermometer and Infrared Thermometer with external Probe
An Infrared Thermometer without a probe measures the temperature of a surface though it can be influenced some, by for example, cold air that the laser beam may pass through. Try this experiment. Take the temperature of a wall near your freezer. Now open the freezer door and take the temperature on the exact same wall. You should see a difference in the temperature because the ambient air temperature does have some influence. An Infrared Thermometer with a probe is more accurate when measuring ambient air cold spots because you can actually put the probe into the cold spot which you cannot do with an Infrared Thermometer without a probe. What you can do with an Infrared Thermometer without a probe that does work to some degree is find something that does not hold heat well so it won’t be influenced by the warmth of your hand holding it and put it into the cold spot. Now take the Infrared Thermometer without a probe and point the laser onto the object in the cold spot. This will work in a pinch to take a fairly accurate reading of the ambient air temperature.

These can be standalone units or PC based systems. Some important considerations are ir camera features, cable type, video compression ratio and FPS (frames per second) per channel.

Infra Red Motion Sensor
Used to detected movement in an area where activity has been known to occur. Make sure to let everyone know where the motion sensors are placed to reduce the chance of false alarms. These are also good to use around your base of operations where all your equipment is so your equipment is less likely to get tampered with without your knowledge (if you can’t spare someone to sit and watch the equipment).

Digital camcorders with Night Vision
Digital camcorders are a good tool for recording possible paranormal activities. You will want to look for a camcorder that has night vision. Additional info coming soon.

Note Pad (not electronic device)
Trying to remember what might have occurred at what time during an investigation is always easier when it is written down. This can also be used to confirm times and occurrences captured during a audio or video recording session.

Often during an investigation you will be in the dark in a unfamiliar place and thus the need for a flashlight. Remember to bring extra batteries.

Two Way Radios
Two Way Radios are useful for investigations when splitting in to teams. This way you are in contact with the other teams if something paranormal is happening or if someone is in need of medical attention. Two way Radios are also useful when setting up DVR remote camera angles.

Trigger Objects
Try using trigger objects in areas where there have been reports of things being moved. Place the object in a location and make note of where it is placed (use paper to draw around it or tape to outline it). You could also take photographs of where you left the objects as well which will further help to validate any movement. Leave the area and when you return you should be able to tell whether the object has been moved. Make sure to tell everyone attending the investigation where you have placed trigger objects so that nobody accidentally moves or disturbs them.

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