Are ghosts real?

Our mission is to prove/disprove the existence of spirits/paranormal activity in a claimed location. Want verification that a specific location is haunted or not? We can help with that.


NOTE: We do not recommend the use of Ouija boards, tarot cards, dowsing rods or seances.


We believe that a good number of cases seeming to have paranormal activity have a normal (non-paranormal) explanation


In those remaining cases it is our intent, through use of various forms of evidence, to seek the truth.

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  • One of the most often misused terms in this field "certified ghost hunter or paranormal investigator". Well what is interesting is that there are no national or international governing bodies that deal with certifications for ghost hunters or paranormal investigators. Hence there are no governing bodies to check to see if a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator is actually trained properly. Certifications in the paranormal are often just a quick way for unscrupulous people to make a buck and it is a shame that it has come to this.
  • Some people believe that certain Solar and Lunar Conditions have an effect on the amount and frequency of ghost activity. Always document the current Solar and Lunar Conditions of your location. It is important to log this information for each investigation in an effort to try and establish whether these conditions do indeed effect the amount and frequency of ghost activity or if that theory is unfounded.

    Log the following data points:

    - Humidity
    - Barometer
    - Wind Speed
    - Temperature
    - Current weather conditions

  • Beware of false positives.
    You may be asking what is a false positive. Well simply put it is a picture, audio or video clip which instead of containing something paranormal contains normal properties that may be mistaken for something else. Some examples of normal properties that might be mistaken for something else include climatic conditions that produce strange results, bugs flying through the air, a camera strap or hair getting into a picture etc. The most important thing is to always look for logical normal reasons for anomalies and never just assume. Once you have exhausted all possible normal causes for an anomaly then you can say that there is a real possibility that what you have has some paranormal properties to it.