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Founder/Director/Lead Investigator

Experience 7-8years (group oriented experience). I basically grew up with the paranormal being part of my life from a very young age. My mother, who was from England, grew up in a haunted house. Growing up she would tell me ghost stories about her childhood home. I was fascinated and always asking to hear more stories and the details including where things happened at what time of day etc. From this period on I was hooked on ghost stories and the paranormal in general. I remember at a very young age going to the local library and searching for books on the paranormal, UFOs, The Bermuda Triangle and Bigfoot. I also could not find enough TV shows or radio shows that dealt with these topics to quench my insatiable appetite for the unknown. Growing up I had a few experiences that left me with questions I could not answer. About 2004 I decided to become involved in a loosely organized paranormal group. From there after trying a couple more groups I decided in 2006 to form my own group to help find answers to my questions and others questions about the unknown.



Co-Director/Lead Case Manager/Historical Researcher




Investigator/Assistant Case Manager/ Marketing Director  

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Investigator/Public Relations  



I have had small experiences here and there but never the proper way to either prove or disprove them. I have had a fascination with the possibility of an " afterlife" or spiritual remains for many years. I have the belief that a person's being, their soul, has got to exist on some other plain rather than just fizzle out or just be gone. We, as humans, are simply way too complex and intense as to just be gone, in my opinion. I want to learn more and investigate these possibilities.




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Thanks for being part of the team!

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2 years experience as a paranormal investigator.  I have always been interested in the paranormal, for as long as I can remember. My mother use to tell me stories of certain experiences that she had over  the years. (years later my father also told similar accounts on a few of those stories). While I myself have never seen an actual ghost, I have had a few minor things happen in my life that have left me curious. A wash basket once flying down the stairs on its own, a light that wouldn't stay turned off. After my mother past away I became more interested in finding some kind of proof of life after dead...something to tell me that the soul lives on, besides faith alone.  I hope to someday, maybe not myself but someone in the paranormal investigating field, will find the evidence to satisfy my curiosity.


























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