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***NOTE: Investigations are ALWAYS free of charge!!!

 For the most part the start of the investigation would begin by you filling out our “Case Submittal Form”. This page contains questions that allow us to get an initial idea about your situation. Filling out our form and answering all questions honestly is the preliminary step required before contact is initiated. Once the form is submitted it will result in a response contact from a designated member of our group usually our case manager. Should we, after reviewing the initial information submitted, decide to go through with an investigation, you will be asked to provide further information during an onsite interview which should include any witnesses that you may have to the experiences you are contacting us about. The additional information will assist us during the investigation process. Any information given to us will not be shared with any outside sources.

 On the date that we have scheduled for the onsite interview/investigation several of us (usually 4-6) will arrive at your location at the specified time. We will be as discrete and professional as possible since the goal is not to draw attention our group but address your situation. Upon arrival some of us may have bags containing our equipment. What you would often find in the bags is digital cameras, digital recorders, camcorders, EMF meters, extra batteries etc. We do not use Ouija boards or séances as tools in order to achieve results in our investigations. Our group prefers to use research and common sense to guide us in our investigation process.

 Once inside, our Case Manager and another designated member of the group will setup the interview area and ask you and any witnesses questions related to the experiences you described previously as well as ask for any history that you can give regarding the location. You will also be asked some personal questions so we can access the situation better (please be as open and forthright as possible).Also at this time some other members of the group (with permission) will walk around the location to record baseline readings before the investigation begins.

 After the interview session our group will commence with the investigation process. We will setup up video and audio equipment which will then be used to take pictures, record audio and video. This along with EMF meter measurements, temperature measurements and background/historical information is how we reach conclusions regarding the reported experiences at the locations we investigate.

 Following the investigation the data collected will be reviewed, analyzed and discussed. Our group will document the details of the investigation in regards to their own individual feelings and experiences as well  We will do additional research if necessary (e.g. library records etc.) to help us come to a logical intelligent conclusion. The results of the investigation will be posted on our web site (private homes will not have addresses or names used). Should you want additional privacy you can request that all information regarding the case remain undisclosed and we will honor your wishes including signing a simple nondisclosure form that we provide. Both parties are provided with a signed, dated copy for their records.

An additional final step in some cases will be to go back to the location of the investigation and do a reveal for the owners of any information that was collected during the investigation. This is done on a case by case basis and takes in consideration the evidence found along with the ability to provide a timely response. Remember we are volunteers and do investigations on our own time while trying to juggle family time etc. 


We want to take the time to assure you that your privacy is of utmost concern to us. Our intensions are never to draw attention to ourselves but to be as discrete and professional as possible. We will never take it for granted that we are privileged to be selected to investigate your home or property. We will honor your requests as desired and have forms (nondisclosure etc.) that we can both sign and date so that all requests for privacy are in writing. We will keep all information that could possible reveal your location or identity off the website. The idea is to provide information about our investigations on the web site without revealing any personal information which again means location, identity, phone numbers etc. We understand that our ability to be taken seriously as a paranormal group rests with our ability to properly serve our clientele. We want to be invited to new locations and go back locations we previously investigated and would like to investigate again.


Always feel free to contact us. We are more than willing to address any questions you may have and we never pressure potential clients into doing an investigation. We can do preliminary onsite interview to make sure that you feel comfortable going forward. And remember our services are ALWAYS free of charge!!!

 If you are interested in having us investigate your location please click here.