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Client Advocacy

The Philadelphia Area Paranormal Society has another main goal which is to keep potential clients informed. We think it is great if you decide to use our services. You could also decide to use other groups to help with your issues as well.


The issue becomes do you know what to look for? That is the reason for our client advocacy page. Client advocacy is promoting the rights and interests of the clients which we believe is one of the most important factors in this field. 

Let us start with one of the most often misused terms in this field "certified ghost hunter or paranormal investigator".  Well what is interesting is that there are no national or international governing bodies that deal with certifications for ghost hunters or paranormal investigators. Hence there are no governing bodies to check to see if a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator is actually trained properly. Certifications in the paranormal are often just a quick way for unscrupulous people to make a buck and it is a shame that it has come to this.  

Now another thing that has been seen that we believe is fine if disclosed as such is a certification based on your groups teachings and procedures. As long as a group that does this properly promotes the certification as a certification to their groups standards that is being up front and honest and the certification means something within the group structure only. Again whether or not these certifications to group standards are actually helpful to a client or not is still up for debate.  We would just like people to put information out there and let the client decide.

Recently there have been claims from groups that they are working with what looks like an accredited state run parapsychology institute. Interesting that the heads of the parapsychology institute just themselves graduated from a parapsychology course from a non-accredited, non-traditional school themselves. Is this being honest and straightforward with the client trying to look like a state run parapsychology institute? It certainly does not appear to be. 

Also something that has been seen that is misleading is how groups or individuals represent their experience.  For instance some people will accumulate other type of experience and put it together with their paranormal experience and before you know it they have many years of experience with the paranormal but when you break it down their paranormal experience is far less than they make it appear to be.  This is misleading to clients looking for help with their paranormal experiences.  The best advice for clients is do research and educate yourself about what groups are out there.

And, as a last topic for now, lets just add in how some groups charge for paranormal investigations. If a group is going to charge you run the other way as fast as you can. ALL INVESTIGATIONS WITH THE Philadelphia Area Paranormal Society  and most other groups are FREE OF CHARGE!  NEVER,  and I mean NEVER, pay for an investigation.  Again this is just unscrupulous people trying to make/steal a buck.

As we run across things we will continue to add to this page and we sincerely hope that we can help educate anyone who has experienced paranormal phenomena that there are choices out there for them and they should be fully informed so they can make an educated decision. Lets all keep client advocacy in mind with how we run our groups and present ourselves to our clients.